Good News, Everyone!

Dear Friends, 

This is our last letter to you this summer because we have come home safely. Being home, we’re going to take a break from travel blogging for the rest of summer– until we have moved  to Ireland (our next step!). We have very little time here with family and friends and want to make sure we get to spend as much of that time with them as possible. 

When we come back, things are going to change a little: as much as we’ve enjoyed writing these letters, we have felt that it’s hard to capture the experiences we are going through. Instead, we are planning on shifting from blog to vlog. We are creating a YouTube channel and are trying to get started on learning the craft of travel vlogging. We will share more about that when we are back in September

Thank you for following us this year– we love hearing from people that they’ve been reading up on our adventures. We hope you will continue following us and our travels as we continue to live around the world.