Returning to the states

Queridos amigos,
And so our Lugo journey has come to an end, with a bit of a bump in the finale thanks to the bus strike, but a train took us where we needed to go for the flight home. 
We are now in the transition phase. I keep expecting I’ll head over to Bríos for un café con leche sometime soon. Upon leaving the house I must take the car now instead of walk, which cramps my style. The streets seem strangely wide and buildings are squat, while billboards jut up like toothpicks clutter the view. 
But I missed it so. I missed family and friends here, so many to meet with and lovely company. 
I feel some mix of jealously and excitement over things that have changed in my hometown, that other people were here to experience it and I missed out, but the changes have been positive. New ice cream shops, freshly paved streets, and even bike lanes. Lugo lacked this entrepreneurial spirit, in part crushed by taxes. But here it’s alive and continues, the death of one business resulting in the spark of another. 
The rhythm of life here is paced much more quickly than I remembered and I find myself tired out by the enormity of grocery stores with 100 toothpastes to choose from, decision fatigue, but I missed being able to have the options for outings and local events like park plays and bourbon walks.
For now, we are taking a break from blogging to enjoy this time and adjust. Thank you for your readership, for following our adventures abroad. We shall continue to share our travel stories in September as we take on Ireland, though Blake and I will be posting via YouTube. Times are a changing.
Hasta luego,