Chao Madrid

Queridos amigos,

This was our third time (and last visit for a while) in Madrid and yet, it never ceases to impress me! I love Madrid. 

This was likely colored by the company. When we weren’t chatting until the early hours of the morning indoors, we were out meeting friends in the city!

Stop one: Retiro Park 

Blake my love, I had a fantastic day with you at retiro park. I hope the sunburn didn’t take away from the fun. 

A knight and his steed. 

The police ride white horses!

Naps in the shade. 

Esa sonrisa. 

Bad horses get turned into statues? 

The glass house, famous for the light that reflects through the colored glass. 


Row row row your boat…

For those of you looking for a romantic park day, I highly recommend enjoying the day here! 

Stop 2: A Garden Party 

Fulbright hosted an End-of-Year garden fête event so that we could envy each others’ future plans and wish each other luck as we said goodbye. 

Confession. I ate all the shrimp. 

When the formal event ended, in the style of Pit Bull, que no pare la fiesta! don’t stop the party! 🎉 We took the party to a churro shop.

Stop three: A cafe despedida 

Our last morning, we made sure to have a more personal adios with a small group. 

Meet La Libra (the free lady? Short for librería? Not sure). 

An eclectic little cafe stocked to the brim, every nook and cranny, with books. And book related items like typewriters and oragami. 

We chatted over the future of print in an ereader world while sipping tea named after famous authors. Trés hipster. 

I’m quite grateful for the friendships I’ve made this year. I wish I could have had more time with these amazing intellectuals, but I leave happy to have known them. 
Hasta luego,