Saying Our First Goodbyes

Dear Friends, 

This past week has involved saying our goodbyes to our American friends here in Lugo; this weekend will mean saying goodbye to our friends in the Fulbright. 

While there are only two Fulbright grantees in Lugo, there are many more Americans than I expected. When they told us that we were coming here, I thought it would literally be me, Jazmin, and the other Fulbrighter, John. I was so glad to be wrong! There are direct working programs which allow English speakers to come from their country to teach in Galicia in similar capacities as the Fulbrighters. In general, they are called Auxiliares. 

The Aux program starts later than the Fulbright program and ends earlier. In a way, it feels like Jazmin and I opened up shop for the Americans and are staying late to lock up. 

As should always be the case for long-term travels like these, it’s the people we’ve met here that have been the best part. We’ve met awesome Fulbrighters from all over our country, we’ve had an awesome DnD group, we’ve adopted one extra auxiliar/fellow writer, and a smattering of Galician friends besides. 

So we’ve made efforts to see friends off with ice cream, walks around the historic wall of Lugo, and dinners. 

To our friends who are leaving us: safe travels home, good luck on your next venture, and thank you for your friendship.
To our friends who are back home and have been keeping up with us all along: thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We’ll need them even more now that our friendship circle is drastically shrinking. 


Love and best wishes to all,