Melide’s Melindre Festival

Hola amigos,

Welcome to Melide, a city near Lugo. My co-teacher and I went on a day trip to see the festival here and to show me where her husband’s family grew up. This small capilla is one of the first monuments you see when you drive into this little town. 

Inside there are cutouts in the wall so that you can peek at the original walls.

Many pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago stop here to get their walking passport stamped. 

Back outside to the festival.

There were people selling everything from shoes to cakes at these booths!

I know it’s a little weird that this sign reads Chocolate sausage, but it was just chocolate, not sausage. Also, it was the softest chocolate ever. 

That triangle shaped cheese there is called tetilla

There were even students from FP (professional formation schools like mine). The students had baked the food and they had designed their advertising and brand for the fair as part of their learning. 

And of course, the Melindre, an almond cookie for which the festival is dedicated. It comes in three forms. All three are delicious though the first is my favorite.

I loved listening to Jose’s stories about when he grew up here. Apparently, an old woman lived in this house. The kids called her the crazy lady because she talked to herself. They’d dare one another to get close to the house and then they’d run when she came to the door to chase them away. 

Oh, the secrets these little towns hold. 

Hasta luego,