Spain and Nerd Culture

Dear Friends, 

As you know, if you know me, I’m a nerd. I’m also the proud husband of a nerd. 

In the United States, nerd culture has won. Whatever happened to those of us who went through harder times during middle and high school, the very things we were made fun of for is now at the forefront of culture. Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, and DC have invaded homes via blockbuster movies. If you’ve missed out on these, YOU are now on the outside of American culture. Video games? Just about every one, especially males, has a dedicated gaming system. We are an increasingly literate culture. Heck, even Dungeons and Dragons, easily the nerdiest thing I’m into, is becoming more accepted thanks to the Netflix show Stranger Things and the web series Critical Role. 

Regardless of pitfalls nerd culture is still experiencing now, at a pennacle, it has swept America by storm. 

This can be shocking when you think about my time in high school when nerds were ostracized hard core, or to even a few years older when you would have things thrown at you or worse levels of bullying. 

Spain is not in the same level of acceptance of America when it comes to the nerd culture. I’ve met many nerds here whom I’m proud to call my friends. While most of these have been from America, the Spaniards seem to experience the same level of outcast feeling as I had when I was in high school. There aren’t any major levels of bullying anymore, really, but there is not the same level or opportunity for acceptance. 

And, maybe I’m wrong about America (at least to a degree). We might have saturated the mainstream with our stories and games, but maybe we’re not as accepted as I want to believe. But there is a lot of opportunity in the states to find the communities of acceptance. Here, we’ve found as many as we could, but we’ve had to take part in building the communities we wanted to see more. 

I hope that when I’m in America, for as brief a time as it will be, I find that I’m not wrong about it. 

Best wishes, 


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