Food Trucks in Lugo

Queridos amigos,

Food trucks aren’t normally a thing in Lugo, but this year’s beer festival brought them rolling in! I was so excited to see what kind of Spanish cuisine these trucks would offer!

 American style hamburgers, crêpes, and a TexMex taco truck. 😂 This truck was my favorite because the people serving the food were so cool (they danced to Ain’t no Mountain High Enough 🎶as they cooked), the burgers were the best I’ve had all year, and you could sit upstairs!

Of course, at any Lucense festival there’s at least one Roman march. 

It was such a chill festival we had to return the next day for more. 

The warm summer air was perfect. You could hear the burger griddle sizzling and you could smell grilled onions and bacon. On the second day, a gal in a flowy, flowery dress and a guy with his guitar sang Nora Jones songs on a small stage. A perfect way to welcome the summer. 

Hasta luego,