Visiting a Galician Castle 

Queridos amigos,

I’m an avid story consumer because stories inspire me to live more fully. 

In fact, I’ve begun a new bucket list called IRL (in real life) where I list places or activities I’ve done virtually that I want to do in real life (IRL). 

For example, in a computer game, I’ve kayaked, but I had never actually kayaked before. So for my last birthday, I rented a kayak and spent an hour paddling around a lake on a lovely, sunny afternoon. Of course, this can extend to other media as well, be it books or movies. 

A new favorite video game is Witcher 3, where I, as the character, explore castles.
And this week I had the opportunity to tour an actual Galician castle! 

Meet Castle Pambre, named after the Pambre rivers (which you can hear flow if you are standing on top of the main tower).

Here lived a feudal lord and his family. He did backbreaking work, he parceled the land for the local peasants who depended on him, and he gave away his money…said no historian ever. 

Actually this dude had the misfortune of living right when the locals decided enough was enough. Thus, the Irmandiña Revolt. 

Lucky for him, the castle was fortified by design. To break in, someone would have to swim the moat and climb the walls while avoiding archers’ arrows and knights’ swords. 

Or bribe someone I suppose. 

Good luck climbing that. 
The family would be safe inside because they’d retracted the ladders, closed the gate, and hidden at the top of the tower. They could even live well. There’s a church in the courtyard, a well in the basement, and food storage. I’d happily live off of the cherries from the courtyard tree. 

I have to admit, the view from the pinnacle was incredible. Though I kept wondering why they didn’t build this place on top of the highest hill around, like most castles. 

It was tempting, but in the end, I’d rather tour a castle than live in one. These furnaces are not enough heat for me. And look at the state of the guest rooms? Also they’re much too close to prisons. I’d never get any sleep. And that moss problem. Not to mention all those needy serfs. 

The furnace (there used to be another floor here). 

Jail is the pits. 

Guest bedroom. 

And sitting/pining-after-knights area. 

Assuming I had a choice at all. Slim pickings back then. These are your three options. 

Lovely to visit and check off the list. 

Hasta luego,

Ps: Thanks Carmen and Jose Luis for taking me on this adventure!