Countdowns and Finances

Dear Friends, 

This has been a crazy week. 

First: we officially have bought all our travel tickets between now and Ireland. It’s hard not to see these dates and start to count down to when we get to be home and when we get to go to Ireland. It’s hard to appreciate what you have in the moment while you can actively see the next adventures coming over the horizon. I absolutely cannot wait to be home and see our close friends and family. I also cannot wait to start my masters (which I am simultaneously paranoid I am going to fail at). 

Second: in preparation for Ireland, both Jazmin and I have been working on our loans and looking for accomodation. Man, Dublin really IS expensive. Though I have already done the math and we’ll still be getting two masters degrees for the price of one, it’s hard to look at loans of $40,000+ and not feel a deep sense of dread. 

Third: I hit my 60,000 word mark for my novel and feel great about it. It means I’m writing my longest work yet and have written 10,000 words faster than I ever have. Just a little over two weeks! I want to get it down to two weeks for the next 10,000. Maybe even do a day where I try to write as much as I can in a single day 500 words at a time, up to 10,000. (Probably far too optimistic.) 

And all of this is on top of the usual life occurrences and job seeking and “side hustle” starting. It’s felt like a crazy time and I think it is especially difficult on my anxiety without the support of my usual go-to friends, the people I proudly call my brothers, my sisters. 

Best wishes, 


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