Empanada? De nada! 

Queridos amigos,

Seven months in and all I could make was a misshapen tortilla española? I decided this needed to change. 

Recipe photo versus actual results. I think you can guess which is which. 

Thankfully, I have a patient friend willing to help me practice my Spanish culinary skills. First attempt–empanada! It’s a staple here in Galicia.

I’m told that empanada comes from the phrase emparedado, which means between walls. Think of an empanada like two walls of crust that smash together meat filling (or fish if you fancy). Here’s the general idea:

With the flour mixture, make a volcano, but instead of lava, add warm yeast water in the middle. From there, you can start caving all the flour into the water.

After much kneading and a twenty minutes of an oven’s warmth, the dough! X marks the spot. Alba says that Galician grandmothers scratch an X into the bread if you’re going to bake it, but we are going to use the dough for something else. 

Now to iron out the “walls” and hide the browned beef in the middle. After twisting the crust, you must cut a hole in the middle of the empanada to let it breathe, but you can decorate the area by making a heart border like so. 

Ta-da! I made that heart there. 

You know how this isn’t a cooking blog? 

 I have no wish to reach cooking blog photography / pastry perfection. This ain’t photoshopped people. It’s just real, gritty life. 

Just so you know in case you ever need to recognize a real empanada, the store ones usually look like this.

But homemade ones are more delicious!

Make sure to watch plenty of YouTube videos with your cooking buddy as you watch your empanada bake for forty minutes. Preferably while sitting in comfortable chairs and not while sitting on the floor like we did because then it’s hard to get back up. 

Ah, empanada. Bringing together together scrumptious flavors and friendships. 

Next I think we’ll try caldo galego (Galician soup)…

Hasta luego,