Breakfast in Spain

Dear Friends, 

If you’re a fan of breakfast and are coming to Spain, be prepared for a major difference: breakfast is the LEAST important meal of the day in Spain. 

While some people do have meals for breakfast, I can count them on my fingers. From what we’ve seen and experienced, most Spaniards don’t have much of a breakfast. Galicians in particular usually have a coffee and the free pincho (small bite to eat, usually a pastry) that comes with it. 

Yo con mi hermanos Trejo

Often, the coffee, specifically a café con leche (espresso with milk here) is the most important part of the meal for the energy. 

Saying hello and goodbye when you enter and leave places is also considered good manners, even if you don’t buy anything. 

Walking up to the counter and need the basics? 

Hola = hello

Un café con leche, por favor = a coffee with milk, please

Gracias = Thank you (which you should say when they bring your order)

La cuenta, por favor = the check, please

Adiós = goodbye 

With just this amount of Spanish, you can get the basic breakfast of Spaniards. There are ways to communicate more elequently, but this will get your point across and be polite at the same time– both important. If you know nothing else, know these phrases. 

These phrases will actually also help for your midday coffee break, which is also important in Spanish culture. 

Hope you enjoy your breakfast wherever you are in the world! 

Best wishes,