Snow, Daylight Savings, and Father’s Day

Queridos amigos,

Lugo is built at too low an altitude to actually receive full on snow. 

But that doesn’t mean it can’t sleet!

For each of the three times it “snowed” this week, it took my students five minutes to refocus from the distraction. 

There’s a saying in Lugo that is similar to a saying in the States. 

In the States, you can’t plant until second week of May, due to the possibility of frost. 

Here in Lugo it’s: Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quitas el sayo. Until the 40th of May, don’t pack up your warm clothing (sayo is a special kind of old style dress clothing). 

Even the flowers are confused. 

Today, in addition to gray skies and cold rain, we advanced our clocks in Spain one extra hour, weeks late compared to where our friends and family are. 

Another strange difference was that Father’s Day was last week (the 19th). 

I’m so used to the June Father’s Day that the shop advertising confused me. 

For some reason, celebrating fathers meant a random flee market in plaza España. 

One euro for one quarter? Okay maybe. 

One euro for one penny? Highway robbery!

These are a few of the small changes we are juggling this week. Just small enough to throw you off. 

Here’s to hoping for warmer weather as Semana Santa approaches (another week off school!). 

Hasta luego,