Work-Dates in Spain

Dear Friends, 
Some things don’t change no matter what country you live in. One of my favorite mainstays is a pivotal part of my relationship with Jazmin: the work-date.
We started this when we began to date. You know, for the five minutes that lasted. We were both students at university at first and then I was a first year teacher while she continued her studies. As much as we loved talking and spending time together, we had stuff we needed to do. 
So, we would meet at coffee shops or at one of our homes with copious amounts of books. This would continue when we got married and now is still a beautiful part of our relationship. 

Things which make for a great work date:

1) Access to food

Because nothing is more terrifying than a hangry Blake or Jazmin.

2) Access to wifi

Because we work primarily from our iPads, we are severely limited without wifi access to our cloud services.

3) Times to take a break

Because it is still a date and sometimes, as much as you need to get everything done, taking a twenty minute break to talk every hour or so is important. 

For these reasons, cafes make great places. Regardless of the country, it seems. 

I posted a status on Facebook the other day which is absolutely true: my mental health has been better here in Spain than it has been in the United States for the last two (academic) years. It’s things like work-dates which helped me get through those times, and I am glad to say that they continue to be a part of us supporting each other while living in Spain. 

Thank you for those who supported me when I posted that.  

(I should say that my mental health isn’t perfect– I still have depression.)

Love to you all and best wishes,