Soak in the Sulfites: A Day at Ourense’s Hot Springs

Queridos amigos, 
If you ever have a chance to go to Ourense and you enjoy relaxing spas, you must visit las termas, the hot springs. 
There are free ones, but Blake and I highly recommend the Termas Outariz

It’s near the city, but since it would take at least forty or so minutes to walk there, we took our friend Sam’s advice: take the tren chu chu from the Ourense plaza. It’s inexpensive and you get a city tour on the way. 

The As Termas water does come from natural underground hot springs, so it contains minerals that can help with stress, arthritis, and muscular pain. 

Imagine ten small pools of water. Steam hovers over the surface and the pools are surrounded by large stones, some smooth and grey, others sand colored and ragged.  The temperature of each pool is different. Saunas and cold water showers are available between the circuits. Zen music lightly plays in the background. 

You’re outside floating in the pool titled Celtic Circuit. The sign suggests you meditate, so you close your eyes, feel the sun on your eyelids and your body float back and forth in the water. If you were to open your eyes, you’d see the river below and a verdant mountainside spotted with clusters of bright yellow mimosa flowers. 

Best relaxing moment of 2017. 

Later you can sit and enjoy the afterglow. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have hot spring treatment included in your healthcare? Just saying. 

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