#TryPod for Travellers 

Dear Friends, 

March is the month to share your favorite podcasts! Here are a couple of mine that I think you should try out– especially if you’re looking to travel or become location independent: 

Location Indy: A podcast in which two location independent businessmen discuss the different aspects of the travel/location independent lifestyle. It sometimes goes down some side tracks that might not be interesting to any but the most avid travel enthusiasts or those wanting to become location independent. As much as they rant, I like listening to them. 

Zero to Travel: This podcast is run by one of the guys from Location Indy and is the preferred podcast I recommend for travelers. It isn’t one where you need to listen to every episode,  but it’s definitely worth reading the titles and seeing advice is there that you could use. 

Thanks for reading, let me know if you try either and like them! 

Best wishes,