“How is Your Writing Going?”: A Tale of Two Tales

Dear Friends, 
It is no secret that I have been working on my writing this year. After all, there is little else for me to do in the line of work. My visa does not allow me to find employment while I’m here, which is the ideal excuse to do what I’ve always wanted to do: write. 

A question that I often get, after the work question, “How is your writing going?” 

As a point of fact, I have never written more in my life. If nothing else, I am blogging twice a week, submitting to competitions regularly, and on my novel almost daily. 

At this point, it is only one novel. I came to Spain working on two. I had worked on my first novel for six years. After about a year, I began to add different ideas. Last year I began my second novel, taking the added ideas from the first novel. They had grown over time into something beyond the constraints of the first novel. 

I was younger than this when I started my first novel.

Here in Spain, I had to confront myself and my novels. Though there are still great ideas in my first novel, I have to put it down and walk away from it. Without the ideas that are now in the second novel, the first novel falls flat. Not to mention, I am a much better writer than I was six years ago. 

Here we are now.

I tried to keep it up, to push through, but finally Jaz and I had a long talk. I’ve put the first book down and am much happier working on the second. Reading the two side by side, I am much more happy with my current work. 

Best wishes,