Carnavaling in Spain

Queridos amigos,
You’re off again? Yes! School’s out this week for Carnaval. ¡Viva Entroido!

If you really want to celebrate Carnaval in Galicia, you have to go to Ourense and from there pick one of three small, nearby towns: Xinzo, Verin, and Laza. 

Since Carnaval is celebrated all week long, certain days have themes and each town is know for a specific celebration token or style. 

For example, jueves de compadres is the first day of carnaval, traditionally man’s night of carnaval but now women go out too dressed as men of course. Then it’s flipped cross dressing for jueves de comadres. 

Here’s what else I’ve discovered so far…

Xinzo: known for the charanga music. 

Verin: known for the Cigarrónes, a small society of people who dress like…well, see below. 

Yes, those are loud, clanging bells and yes, that is a whip. 

Laza: know for the throwing. 

Throwing mud

Throwing flour

Even throwing red fire ants (agitated first by vinegar)! 

See pictures here

We opted for Verin. 

The first piece of advice from our friends was to wear a costume. Carnaval is sort of like Halloween in that everyone wears some kind of costume, even if it’s just a fake wig. 

Onesies are all the rage right now.  

Other than the day’s theme and associated activities, Carnaval includes, you guessed it, your typical carnaval things. There are carnival rides, walking bands, and foods (cotton candy, hamburgers, churros, etc). 

We decided to end our night around midnight, but there were people just then heading out on the bus to the nearby towns. The return bus was scheduled for four in the morning! 

Partying in Spain is not for the faint of heart!  

El desfile or parade

Spanish Elvis 

No eres más que un hound dog…

Trump was spotted. 


Inducting new cigarrón members. 

Musicians walked the streets and played. Ode to licor café!

¡Feliz Carnaval! 

Hasta luego,