A Defense of Valentine’s Day

Queridos amigos,

When I asked my students if they liked Valentine’s Day, they said they didn’t. In fact, they expressed disdain for the holiday, saying it had more to do with people spending money than love and therefore wasn’t worth being a holiday. My co-teacher agreed. 

I held the other viewpoint. 

1) For Blake and me, we’ve had to curb our spending, so instead of buying gifts or chocolates, we exchanged sappy love messages, went on a walk, and cooked for each other. It’s possible to engage in Valentines Day without spending a bunch of money. It doesn’t cost money to tell people you love them and why, or to do something nice for someone as a gesture of love. 

2) Valentine’s Day is  meant to be about love. When I asked my students if it was true that the world needs a little more love, they unanimously agreed. I like that there’s a day dedicated to love (freindship love, romantic love, etc.) in which people are reminded to appreciate loved ones more than they usually do. Even if that’s all that comes of the day, I’m for that. 

3) Spain’s economy is just beginning to crawl out of a financial crisis. I asked my students: How do you think the economy is going to improve? How can you decrease unemployment? The buying and selling of goods. Someone gets paid to make Valentines Day cards and candy. 

So this week, I gave students a chance to write kind, loving messages on sticky notes to someone they cared about. Later, I watched one student give her note to another classmate and they hugged. It was a sweet moment. 

Worth it. 

Hope you all had a lovely día de amor y amistad. 

Hasta luego,