The Role of the House Spouse

Dear Friends,

“So, what do you do?”

“Have you found a job yet?” 

These are the sort of questions I get all the time. I am a house spouse (a househusband. Houseband?). I am a writer (for all the income that generates so far). The visa that you get as the spouse of a student makes it impossible (illegal) to get work. Since Spain has a 14% unemployment rate, it’s understandable that they make it difficult for expats like me to get a temporary job that would be in better hands for a citizen. 

“So you just hang around the house and play video games and watch Netflix?” 

No more than a college student (at worst). I do listen to a lot more podcasts– mostly because they make the chores I do more bareable. As a house spouse, I do the laundry (including drying on a rack), wash the dishes (daily, by hand), daily pick up around the house and sweep, take the trash out, clean the bathroom, and cook. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but covers most of the basics. Keeping up with everything takes a surprising amount of work to stay on top of.

When I’m not doing the household chores, I write and am trying to learn Spanish.

Between those two things, I can get stuck in the apartment. Every day I try to have an excuse to leave for a little while (which also allows me to practice Spanish).  

Mondays: go to the library and grocery.

Tuesdays: go to a coffee and the language exchange. 

Wednesdays: go to my private tutoring gig.

Thursdays: go to the grocery. 

Fridays: go on a date with Jaz. 

We usually also do something on Saturday, but Sundays I usually try to be home. 

But that’s what I do with my time here in Spain. It’s a very different experience for me, but I am enjoying it. Considering Jaz and I have always said that I would be the house spouse of the two of us, it’s good practice. 

Best wishes,