Harry Potter and the España Fandom

Queridos amigos,

When my student asked me “Which Harry Potter house would you be in?” I immediately knew our interests aligned (even though she is Slytherin and I am Ravenclaw). Since then, I’ve happily included scenes and references from the magical wizarding world when teaching. For example: Where is Snape on the Maurader’s Map? 

But six months ago I certainly didn’t think that I’d be playing Quidditch in Spain! 

Today was my first day of Quidditch practice. 11am and 6 degrees Celsius. 

​For those of you wondering how one plays Quidditch, particularly without flying brooms, think of the game as a mix of dodgeball, soccer, and football. If you think it’s hilariously embarrassing and awkward to run with a stick between one’s thighs, well, it is, but Quidditch is awfully fun. I played golpeador (beater) and cazador (chaser), but decided not to play the position of snitch (marked with a tennis ball in a sock attatched to one’s pants). I even made a goal! 

It’s been unexpectantly pleasant to find other Harry Potter fans in Spain. Here, they are typically grouped together with gamers and comic book readers as frikis (freakies). While I’ve never considered myself a friki before, it’s nice to find a community with similar interests. 

Mischief managed. For now.