Blake’s King

Hey everybody,

 Feliz día de reyes! Happy three kings day!

As a kid, mother would make a cake on January 6, carefully hiding a small plastic figure (baby Jesus) in the dough so it would be a surprise to whoever got the piece with the hidden figure. Said lucky person would then get an extra present.

That was our tradition. Spain’s is a little different. 

Here I bought a pre-made, crowned roscon in which a small plastic king and a faba bean is hidden. 

Guess who got the faba bean? Yours truly.

Guess who got the king?

It was nice to see Lugo in festive mode, especially after hearing about the snow back at home and after my sister an our friend went back to the states. Cake helps cope with post-family-time blues. We’ll be posting about our Christmas travel adventures with them later. 

In the meantime, stay warm! 



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  1. I so love hearing about all the amazing adventures you both are having and thanks for posting them. Much love and hugs to both. Cindy

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