Off with his head!

Queridos amigos,

In the center of plaza do campo is the famous, three century old san vicente fountain.

 It’s a landmark for drunken souls and tourists alike. During a festival, the fountain is even filled with wine!
But this week, the beloved fountain figure lost his head. 

Apparently, some hooligans decided it looked better headless. The newspapers blame drunken youths, but I’m thinking, this is a concrete statue! Any decapitation would require tools, indicating seriously premeditated murder. Surely not off the cuff drunk vandalism. 

The locals blame the city’s negligence. One person said that if Currinche, the famous speaker whom the statue represents, had seen the state of fountain, he’d die all over again. Lugo humor for ya. 

“Si Currinche levantara la cabeza y viese la fuente desde la que pronunciaba sus famosos discursos destrozada, se volvía a morir”, añadía otro.”

For now, the city has taken the statue’s body down for repairs. Nothing duct tape cans fix, right? In the meantime, this is the stuff of Lugo gossip. 

Stay tuned for more,