The Gift of a Sister

Dear Friends,

Jazmin’s sister, Laurel, has come to be with us for the rest of the holiday season! 

Jazmin and I have been looking forward to this visit for a long time. It’s especially great since we can’t go home. 

I picked Laurel up from the bus station after her flights to Chicago, to Madrid, to Santiago, and finally a bus here. We didn’t recognize each other at first, it had been so long. When we did, though, I hugged her into the air. We walked back to our apartment, got her unloaded, and had cheesecake while we waited to leave to meet Jazmin when she got off work. 

Once we got there, Jaz got her chance to hug Laurel. We began to initiate her into Lugo life. She was a champ about the time change, staying up until late at night. 

Today, we went around the wall and I played tour guide with the information I have on Lugo from my time here. We finished up our day walking wine street and living the tapa life. It’s fantastic to have real, deep news from home, to laugh and joke together. 

Hope you all are enjoying the beginning of December. To my teacher friends– you’re almost there.  

Best wishes,