Where are all the people? Outside

Queridos amigos,

Today is Sunday, a day when most stores are closed. You might think that people would stay home. Not so. Instead, the Sunday Lugo tradition is to go outside. 

In fact, I’ve been sitting on this bench for five minutes and I’ve already seen three families, a few couples, and an elderly woman walk by. 

Wheelchair? No problem. You still venture out.

Lucenses go out for walks with family, picnics in parks, jogging, and coffee with friends. They go out in the morning, midday, and midnight. Doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, single, or with a group. Even on holidays the children venture outside and play on jungle gyms, ride their scooters or bikes, or skate around. And when shopping, Lucenses take small luggage carts to transport groceries. 

Cute couplesI wonder if she's waiting

Kids learning the importance of hierarchy/Outside physically but inside virtually

Family intensely playing fooseball

Walking and outdoor life is such a part of life here in Lugo, as apparent by the city design: multiple parks, the open city plazas, the walkway atop the muralla, public restroom stations, and the sidewalks with benches. 

The sidewalks especially. Here you can see a whole pedestrian lane in the middle of the street, more than fifteen paces wide, in addition to the traditional sidewalks. The city also makes extra effort to clean the walking lanes and prune the greenery into interesting forms. 

Last week Blake and I had friends over, and the friends commented on the beautiful sunset view from our window. I felt so ashamed that I had gotten used to the view to the point I no longer noticed the sunsets. So today, I walked to the park to stretch my legs and contemplate the scenery. It was nice to see other people appreciating the scenery as well.

No wonder Spaniards can eat pastries all of the time. Today’s steps: 9,467. This makes me wish my hometown were more walk/bike friendly. It’s nice not to be the only person walking on the sidewalk anymore.

Until next week,