A Coruña, a Tradgicomedy 

Dear Friends, 

During November we went to A Coruña, supposedly the most beautiful place in Galicia, if not Spain. As a seaside city, it definitely has every possibility of beautiful beaches, seagull sounds, and great seaside cafes. 

What we got was this:

Jazmin’s bilingual coordinator, Carmen, drove us up so we could see it while she took care of some business and saw some family. None of us knew it would be a sadly stormy day. Our friend Amira texted us, “You came TODAY?” when we told her we were in town. Both she and Carmen said we came on a terrible day to see A Coruña, but Jazmin and I were determined to make the day great. 

We hop out of the car at the Tower of Hercules and are hit by the sheer force of wind and rain crashing around us. Carmen gave us an umbrella which we were glad to accept. I open it and start tightening my scarf and putting on my gloves and trying to get my phone out for pictures. Jaz, who was already ready for the adventure, said she could take the umbrella while I got ready. “Hold the umbrella against the wind or it’ll pop out and break–” POP.

I look up and see Jazmin laughing maniacally. 

So, I try to fix the umbrella. 

We began walking up the path to the tower, useless umbrella held off to the side, hand on my hat, Jazmin still laughing. People kept trying to tell us something, but I don’t understand Spanish that well still and Jaz couldn’t hear through her hood or over her laughter. 

Guess what they were telling us? 

It was closed.  

So we turned to wandering the city, appreciating the beauty in the rain. 

We mostly decided to hold up in museums. That might sound boring to others, but Jaz and I loved it. 

Thanks for reading, I’m glad to be back after a long November of not blogging! 

Best Wishes,