From Tourists to Tourists Guides

Dear friends,
Blake and I were walking Ramon Fereiro street when a man stopped us to ask us for directions. We laughed and answered that we were new to the area ourselves. 

That was nearly two months ago. Now, instead of being the tourists, we’ve become regulars at our favorite restaurants, our nearby cafés, and our local library. 
This week the cards flipped and instead of showing ourselves around town or having someone show us around Lugo, we became the tour guides when our friend Abbey came to visit. 
If you’re interested in finding out just how much you know about where you live, I suggest showing someone new around. 

I’m pleased to report that we know our Lugo basics, but that there is still plenty left to explore.  

We toured the traditional tourist hotspots: la muralla (the wall), la catedral (the cathedral), the museum near the cathedral, y la plaza mayor (the main plaza). 

Found impromptu bagpiping (one of the group members was a wee lass playing a bagpipe at least twice as large as her lungs. Respect.)

We walked Rosalia park and observed the amazing views, as well as interesting graffiti (are you weakness? Are you strength? Both or neither? Why?)

We tasted Lugo cuisine from Blake’s favorite restaurant.  I tried bacalao (delicious cod fish), but was unsuccessful at convincing Abbey to try callos (pig intestine and chickpea stew). 

Multiple coffee and pastry breaks. 

Can’t forget wine street. Three stops minimum. 

Our last major excursion was new to Blake and me as well. It took a while to find, but I think the search was worth it. Lugo’s Jazz Festival is in full swing this month, so we found Friday night’s performance at Club Clavicémbal. A Norwegian band called POCKET CORNER. It was lovely. We even met other English speakers and chatted for a bit. 

A good time was had by all. And thus, the Olivers graduated from tourists to tourist guides.  

We hope to show more friends around our small (but interesting) city in the future.  

Hasta luego,