What’s Halloween Like in Lugo? Part One (A Halloween Party)

Dear friends,

Store front windows debut pumpkins, ghosts, and bats. Children run about in witch hats, their capes fluttering behind them. Panaderías add jelly as “blood” and almonds as “fingernails” to their pastries. 

This is Halloween in Lugo (though I will begin with part one, as this week, part two continues on Monday).

When I asked students if they celebrated Halloween, they said that Halloween is mainly commercial, that stores usually bring out the Halloween decor for holiday sales, and that Halloween is commonly celebrated in primary or elementary school parties. 

Yet, when I asked my students if they dressed up or partied for Halloween, they said they usually didn’t. So, we threw a school party to give my students a chance to have some Halloween fun. It was a blast. 

I couldn’t leave out DDLM completely, so I added papel picado, as created by my students.

One thing that surprised me is that Día de los Muertos has its own representation in Lugo. Shops sell calavera masks and some bars are having DDLM nights. Here, Lucenses also visit graveyards to clean and decorate graves with flowers. It’s a family affair. Instead of Halloween, here it’s Samain, I’m told. 

But I’ll have to wait until the graveyard visits and the actual All Saints Day to tell you more about this. 

Until then, Happy Halloween.