Bookstores, a Lack of Halloween, and a Month-long Hiatus

Dear Friends, 
Since my last letter, Jazmin and I went into our first bookstores. She was ecstatic, but I walk away disappointed. That isn’t necessarily new– I walk away from bookstores disappointed all the time in the states. I either couldn’t get any of the books I wanted or I could only get a few from my stack. This wasn’t the problem. Bookstores in Lugo aren’t inviting to me because of my lack of Spanish reading comprehension. (Jazmin obviously doesn’t have this problem.)

I wandered around, trying to find any words I could in English. One of the two stores didn’t have a section at all, but the other had two shelves and the occasional random copy throughout. The sense of excitement, of adventure that I usually have in a bookstore was gone within minutes. It became more of an act of desperation to find books I want to read. 

Thus, I walked away disappointed. Obviously, the books are going to be in Spanish; I know that. But wandering around Half-priced Books or Barnes and Nobles at home and collecting stacks of books I wanted to purchase was a favorite pass time of mine. Wandering these stores loses its luster within minutes. 

They trim their trees to prepare for winter. Does that count as Halloween decoration? It kind of looks like it.

On top of this, it is Halloween, a favorite time of year for me– but there are almost no decorations and one of my students told me that they just don’t celebrate it here very much. So, the best I can get is to binge-watch scary Netflix shows and movies when Jazmin isn’t around (because she then gets terrified). 

So, I’m feeling a little bummed out. 

But, Jazmin is preparing for a Halloween party for her students and I find that oddly comforting. 

Also, I am writing more and am going to be taking part in a private challenge for NaNoWriMo (more on that in my personal blog). The days when I actually sit down to write always feel like the best days, but even here it doesn’t always retain the right of priority. So, I am taking a hiatus from blogging for this coming month. Jazmin is still going to keep up with her posts. The next time I write to you, it will be December. Hope you have a happy Halloween and Thanksgiving until then! 
Best Wishes,