Actually Having a Social Calendar 

Dear friends,

The six week mark. We have been in Lugo for forty five days now! 

At this point, Blake and I are settled in, but dealing with a different problem. Loneliness. We miss you all and we’ve been slow to make Spanish friends. I can count the number of times we’ve hung out with people in the past three weeks on one one hand. But this week our social calendar has spiked! We are officially socializing with Lucenses (people from Lugo). 

In part, we have been meeting Lucenses for English conversation classes. There’s actually a high demand for native English speakers, which allows Blake and I to meet people and get paid to converse in English. ?!  Super privileged. I spent the better part of an hour talking to one gal about Spanish political parties. Even better, I met a Lucense originally from France who is willing to do a conversation exchange. I trade my English for their French.

October is also the month when the Spanish government sponsored English teaching assistants from the U.K. and the US arrive in town. Every week, we all meet at a local bar to chat in English, complain and give teaching/living advice, and meet people from Lugo.  It’s a highlight of my week that I look forward to.  I’ve met people from Kansas, Chicago, Florida, and London outskirts. 

It’s sweet that some of you all have asked if we need anything, which we really appreciate. But to be honest, talking to you all via Skype has been exactly what we’ve needed. Just seeing familiar faces and chatting about nonsense or what’s going on here and there. 

It’s good to hear from you all, and we hope to keep hearing from you.
Either way, we’ll keep posting,