Working, Four Deadlines in Three Days, a Fiesta for a Saint, and 3am

Dear Friends, 

This week has been both really stressful and enjoyable. On Saturday, Jazmin pusblished her letter about the Fiesta de San Froilan, so I won’t talk about it here other than to say that it has kept us up until 3am on multiple nights. 

This week was the first week I started tutoring and am excited to say that I love it. There is a part of me that was almost a little reluctant to even start. I’d have to go somewhere and hope that I enjoyed the company of some kids. I allowed Jazmin to talk me into it because we really want to get some money for traveling, including next year when we are in Ireland. I am happy to say that my two students so far are awesome and I’m glad to be their tutor. This is all strange to me because I have always worked, and yet, when I discovered I couldn’t work with my visa, I became happier. I realized I could focus on my writing and I am glad to call myself a househusband. (A houseband?) 

Speaking of work, as a writer I’ve had three jam-packed days. Monday I have my personal blog at World for Beginners due, Tuesday the Fulbright application was due, and today, Wednesday, I have my blog here due and an article due. This has also meant that I’ve stayed up until 3am to meet these deadlines– which makes it nice that this means that I’m turning in work for the US eastern time at 9pm at the latest. While it was tempting to lapse this week on blogs, I’ve found writing for you all to be great and I’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback since I’ve been putting regular due dates for my blogs. 

I am a little astonished that I got the Fulbright in since I had only found out about the deadline two weeks ago. I am  blessed for the three references written and turned in. I won’t list them by name, but if you’re reading this, I’m immensely grateful to you. Especially for the amount of time I had, I’m proud of my application. Once I turned it in, I was instantly relieved that it was out of my hands and anxious that it was in the hands of others. Please pray for it since it will cut off roughly 15,000€ from our expenses for studying in Ireland next year. 

While I used to be up until 3am most nights, moving six hours ahead changes your sleep pattern. That, and I’ve been consciously trying to get up by 9am every day (leaving me with about 6 hours of sleep). This makes my body angry; I’m kinda sick again. 

Well, as I said earlier, I have an article to finish for today.

Best wishes,