Third Marriage Anniversary! 

Dear Friends, 

Operation 3rd Wedding Anniversary was a go as soon as I woke up. First thing I wanted to do is get Jazmin flowers, so I got dressed and headed to the flower shop that we have passed almost every day since we moved to Lugo. It is this time that I had a revelation that really, really should have come sooner: they were selling fake flowers. 

I must have been fooled by the fact that they were placed outside. For those who don’t know, you don’t need to put fake plants in the sun. They don’t die. 

So I walked out and started to walk around, searching for a real flower shop. I used google translate to figure out the words I needed to ask where it was. While it made me look so much like a tourist, it allowed me to communicate with people and they were very forgiving since they knew I didn’t really speak Spanish. 

Eventually, I found a great candy store (where I also bought twizzlers, which I hate and she loves) that gave me the directions to the store I was looking for. I got a bouquet of daisies and carnations. 

Me, barely able to believe I found and bought flowers.

When Jazmin came home, we went out for lunch and had our first paella, which ended up having our first pulpo (octopus). It didn’t bother me much before I realized I was eating octopus, but then I couldn’t stop noticing. I think it’s the look. When I eat a hamburger or a steak, it looks nothing like a cow. When you eat octopus, you can say, “Oh, this was one of its eight legs.” 

But, it wasn’t awful, but I don’t plan on going out of my way to eat it again. 

Then we went up on the wall for the first time and walked around the whole city center. It was surprising that the top was covered with sand! There is also something to be said for seeing the city above walking level. At walking level, there is so much graffiti and most of the buildings are concrete grey, but from the top of threw all you can see the colors and arcitecture that make the city look beautiful. 

Afterwards, we hung out in the city center, went shopping, and ate out. 

Overall, it was a great anniversary and a great adventure.

Best Wishes,