Our Spanish Home

Dear Friends, 

We finally have an apartment. When you start out on the street, the neighborhood doesn’t look so great. That’s not just the rain– it is always rainy in Lugo. In the US, graffiti, barred windows, and barbed wire on fences are clear signs you’ve stepped into the wrong neighborhood. But, like with most things, if you step away you can appreciate the beauty. There are terraces overlooking a primary school (which we didn’t realize was one due to the bars on the window). There are colors and brick work above eye level. Our front door is unassuming, leads to the hallway that is the creepiest thing in the world at night, an elevator, and then to our floor. (You can take the stairs, but come on.) 

The door reminds me of a hobbit door because of the center doorknob, which is common in Spain.  

It opens into a lovely little pasillo for coats, shoes, and keys.

We have a surprisingly spacious living room that leads out into a little closed in balcony. What I really love about this balcony is that in the winter we will be able to use the windows to help heat our place and it keeps our hanging laundry inside so that there is no way that someone like me could lose clothing to the ground below. 

We have a kitchen (that we’ve already made a mess of and won’t take pictures of). 

We have a guest bedroom/office for me to write in. 

We have one bathroom. Not going to lie, it smelled rancid when we first moved in, but we’ve cleaned until it smelled like our bathroom back home. 

And we have a master bedroom with a bed big enough for the two of us. 

We absolutely love our little flat, or piso, faults and all. It certainly has character, our Casita. I wish I could show you every square inch, but there are just not enough photos. (By the way, the cover photo is our view of the mountains of Lugo.)

Best wishes,