“It’s So Green!”: The Verdancy of Lugo

Dear friends,

Whenever we mentioned Lugo to Spaniards in Madrid who knew the Galician region, we were told three things about it: Fantastic food, lovely people, and “It’s so green!”

While glancing out the windows on the AVE train, I could see why Madridians fixated on the green landscape of the North. On the train, I could see that there is not much in terms of natural shrubbery and grass. Yet the city itself pursues greenery by placing plants in every corner, nurturing inner city parks, and adding trees between sidewalks. Perhaps because they have less they appreciate more?

 So as we traveled north, the train provided a beautiful view of the transition from desert to hinterland. ​


Now that Blake and I have arrived in Lugo and have had time to explore the city a pie, we have seen first hand the verdancy (verdant-ness?) of this gorgeous area, which I would like to share with you. 

In our newly acquired piso or apartment (more on this later), there’s a sunny hallway perfect for plants of my own to add. Though Lugo is hardly a sunny city, as the locals are quick to note. It is charmingly overcast, as Blake likes to put it. 

I wonder how the seasons will change, particularly as I think back to where many of you all are, where fall season is just now showing its flaming orange and golden yellow leaves. Today in Lugo was the first day I saw it drizzle, and there’s a rainy forecast for this week. 

We’ll keep you posted.