Phones, Banks, and Flats, Oh My! 

Dear Friends, 

This week has been filled with a ton of business, us trying to get into Spanish culture. This is difficult because we aren’t in the city we’re going to live in, I don’t speak much Spanish, and August is considered vacation time for Spaniards. This means that most people aren’t here, the ones who are here don’t want to be, and I can’t really communicate with them.

We went with a pay-as-you-go plan from a company called Orange. It works now, but was a pain to get it to work on both of our phones. (As usual, it worked on Jazmin’s easier than mine.) 

Banks have been incessantly difficult. Each bank has different requirements (including different branches of the same bank) and so we’re still using our American bank account. The fees are annoying. 

Since we’re in Madrid and not Lugo, we can’t search for a flat. Instead, we did a lot of research on Idealista and have favorited some fantastic, fully furnished flats that are as low as 250€ a month. The bad thing isn’t that these places exist, obviously, but that we watch them slowly be sold out from under us as we wait here. The worst, for me, was a penthouse that was 300€ a month and fully furnished. A PENTHOUSE. I was heartbroken. 

While this is a beautiful country and the people are very kind, it has been stressful trying to transfer to being an expat and I miss seeing the faces of our friends and family. More from Jazmin on Saturday! 

Best wishes,