It’s getting real

Dear friends,

At this point, what we have read and heard and seen of Galicia in pictures is becoming more real to us as the countdown drops.  Blake reminds me daily (in case I forget).  “In one week, we’ll be on a plane.” “Five days from now, we’ll be waking up in Madrid.”  “It’s getting real!”

These comments reached full force after last Saturday, the day of the moving sale.  Thank you friends for your assistance.  For lifting heavy items and putting them back down multiple times.  For bringing in donuts and coffee and cupcakes and brownies.  For unpacking and repacking countless boxes.  And perhaps most of all for the laughs over silly things like bowlers hats, hulked-out-clothes, and fairy wings.  These are treasured memories we shan’t forget soon.  A family member later commented, “If they came to your sale, they must be good friends.”

Thank you also for the delicious meals you have cooked or bought for us.  I love getting to know what kinds of foods you all enjoy at home, from spaghetti squash to BBQ salad to tortilla soup.  I think that eating different foods and in different settings will help us ease into the transition that Spanish culinary will bring.  I’m already planning on recreating Indiana meals for days we are homesick or dealing with FOMO (fear of missing out).  We promise to take notes on the paella, caldo gallego, and empanada recipes so we can bring a little of Spain back to you in the future.  But we’ll be sure to leave out the lampreys.

Hasta miercoles,