Dear Friends: An Introduction From Blake

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to our first letter/blog post! At this point, My wife, Jazmin, and I are eight days out from going to Spain. In order to keep in touch and share our experiences, we wanted to start this blog in two primary formats: letters and videos. 

Writing letters (and now emails) have been the primary way of communication for over a thousand years. I think there is a reason for that: it allows room to get to know a person beyond the finite space of a tweet or status and is something that you can look back over when you’re missing the person you’re writing to. And so we’re going to write our posts as letters and would love to get letters from our friends back home. If you aren’t one of our friends or family, you’re still welcome to read and share in our experiences. 

Having the expectations of writing to friends and family here also gives us the freedom to not consider this our professional blog that we need to stress about writing. We’re just writing back home. Our videos will all be shot and edited on iPhones or iPads, so they might not be the best quality, but they’re to invite you into a shared experience of the world we’re exploring. 

I’ll be taking mostly the Wednesday posts and Jazmin will be taking mostly the Saturday posts. 

A major shout out to our friend Megan Bradford for designing our logo for this blog. It’s incredibly cool to have an official logo and we’re so thankful for her talent. 

Jazmin’s next post will be on Saturday, and my next post will be on THE WEDNESDAY WE LEAVE THE COUNTRY! I’m both excited and terrified. Thank you for coming on this adventure with us! 

Best wishes, 



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